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RidingAngle Pro:Bike Angle rec

7 usd

RidingAngle is an excellent APP for all motorcycle riders.It records video file, GPS position and lean angle simultaneously.While recording, it also provides record duration, real time lean angle, and maximum left & right lean angles you make on screen.After recording, you can replay not only video file, like MotoGP live broadcast, it can also shows real time speed, lean angle, position in this trace and duration from start point.Note : The speed shown in replay mode is calculated via GPS data log, it's accuracy might vary for differentsmart phone. It can only be refered as a reference.
Warning : According to law, the use of mobile device while riding motorcycle is forbidden.

How to use it ...
1. First, you need to find an appropriate phone holder and fix it on the body of the bike.
2. Fasten the smart phone in this holder with back camera facing forward.
3. Make the bike stand straight, use "Calibrate" function of APP to adjust the leveling of smart phone until lean angle is zero.
4. Back to main screen, press "Record" button of APP and wait for GPS initializing, then press "Start" button start recording, and press "Stop" button stop recording.
5. Back to main screen, press "Play" button, then "Select Project" button to select a log you want to replay. Then press "Play" button to enjoy it.